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“The Village村落”


The New Heart of the Johns Hopkins University Campus

約翰斯·霍普金斯大學委托BIG為學生重塑社交環境體驗。BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group為霍普金斯大學設計的學生中心,“The Village村落”,是一座開放、現代且友好的設施建築,旨在成為霍普金斯大學社區所有成員的社交活動中心。

Johns Hopkins University selects BIG to rejuvenate the social experience for students. BIG’s design for Hopkins Student Center, or ‘The Village’, is an open, modern, and welcoming facility envisioned as a social engagement hub for all members of the Hopkins community.


∇ 約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心效果圖

校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿


BIG非常榮幸擔當霍普金斯大學新的學生中心的設計方;經由一個特別谘詢委員會主導評選,這一委托通過長達數月的國際設計競賽最終敲定。整個過程中,學生及學生事務相關工作人員均有參與,超過1200名學生、教職工和校友對評選調研給予了反饋,該調研針對入圍決賽的4家設計公司進行評估。其中BIG的設計方案受到最廣泛的肯定,接受調研的受訪者們喜愛建築的開敞性,與周圍戶外空間的連接,充足的自然采光,以及支撐大學可持續發展目標的集合功能。BIG與Shepley Bulfinch共同負責項目的建築設計,室內和景觀則分別由Rockwell Group和Michael Van Valkenburg Associates負責。這座麵積約1.39萬平方米的建築,將包含休閑與社交空間,創意藝術與表演藝術空間,學生資源與支持服務平台,休息室,數字媒體中心,可容納200人的觀演空間,以及可直接通向查爾斯街新廣場的人氣餐廳。新的建築設施將為這所坐落於馬裏蘭州巴爾的摩市的大學,在其霍姆伍德主校區帶來期待已久的真正意義上的非學術聚集地。

BIG is thrilled to have been selected as the designer of the new Student Center for Johns Hopkins University; the result of a months-long international design competition led by a special advisory committee. Students and student affairs staff were included throughout the process, and more than 1,200 students, faculty, staff, and alumni responded to a June survey, inviting evaluation of the four design finalists. Feedback on BIG’s concept was overwhelmingly positive, with survey respondents embracing the building’s open feel, connections to surrounding exterior spaces, abundance of natural daylight, and integrated features that support the university’s sustainability goals. BIG has teamed up with Shepley Bulfinch as Architect of Record, along with Rockwell Group for interior design and Michael Van Valkenburg Associates for landscape design. The approximately 150,000 square foot building will include spaces for relaxation and socialization, creative and performing arts spaces, student resources and support services, lounges, a digital media center, a performance space with seating for 200 people, and a dynamic dining hall that connects directly onto a new plaza along Charles Street. The facility will satisfy the long-acknowledged need for a true non-academic gathering spot on the university’s Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland.


校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿


“對於我們來說,這將是全然一新的空間——不以學術為中心,而是完全為社交而生。它毫無保留地對所有人開放,尤其以一係列的靈活空間鼓勵交流與合作,在這裏,無論運動員、演員、舞蹈隊或學生會成員,所有人都可以共同聚集在一起。”——Ronald J Daniels, 霍普金斯大學校長

“This will be a new kind of space for us—one that is not academically focused, but entirely social by design. Open to all, reserved for none, and boasting the kind of flexible spaces that invite connection and collaboration, this will be a place where athletes and actors, step teams and SGA members can gather side by side.”  — Ronald J Daniels, President, Johns Hopkins University

33號街和查爾斯街交界處的“The Beach海灘”,是霍普金斯大學標誌性的開放空間,本案就位於“海灘”的南部,通過為33號街建立一座醒目而友好的新入口,促進校園與鄰近社區查爾斯村之間的連通。在學生活動場地的十字路口,項目將校園一隅變成一個充滿生機的樞紐。而作為一個天然的門戶,這裏也為查爾斯村和居住在附近的3500多名霍普金斯大學學生,提供通向霍姆伍德校區中心的便捷通道。

Located just south of the iconic open space on the Johns Hopkins campus known as “The Beach” at the intersection of 33rd and Charles Streets, the facility will foster greater connectivity between the campus and the neighboring Charles Village community by creating a prominent, welcoming new entry point at 33rd Street. It will turn an area of the campus into a dynamic hub at the crossroads of student activity. As a natural gateway, the area will connect Charles Village and more than 3,500 Hopkins students who live in the neighborhood, to the heart of the Homewood campus.


校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿


“從方案可行性研究到啟動設計進程,這之間的轉換非常令人興奮。將霍普金斯大學學生們對建築的期望納入目標,並通過動態設計進程見證作品逐漸成形,這讓我對建築充滿信心,它將滿足學生們所期望的一切,甚至超乎所望。”——Alanna Shanahan,霍普金斯大學學生事務副教務長

“The transition from the programming feasibility study to the start of the design process has been incredibly exciting. To take what Hopkins students have shared as their aspirations for the building and to see those pieces begin to come to life through a dynamic design process gives me confidence this building will be everything our students hoped for, and more.” —  Alanna Shanahan, Vice Provost of Student Affairs, Johns Hopkins University


The Village is conceived as a central living room surrounded by a collection of spaces tailored to the needs of the Hopkins community. The building negotiates the sloping grade of the site to allow direct entry from all four levels of the building, while maintaining a friendly human scale and providing several accessible routes across the site. Arriving on Charles Street, students and visitors are greeted by an open building façade with dining areas spilling out onto a sun-splashed plaza.


校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿


“我曾在美國東海岸多所世界名校任教,這次獲選為約翰斯·霍普金斯大學設計學生活動中心,真的是難以置信的榮幸。我們試圖將校園中心設想且設計成一個村落,由很多不同的空間和亭廊凝聚而成,可以最大限度地承載活動、興趣愛好和亞文化的多樣性。”——Bjarke Ingels,BIG創始人兼創意總監

“Having taught at a number of world-renowned universities on the East Coast, it is an incredible honor to have been chosen to create the framework for the life of the Johns Hopkins students. We have attempted to imagine and design the Campus Center like a village condensed from a plethora of different spaces and pavilions for the greatest possible diversity of activities, interests and sub-cultures.”  — Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Creative Director, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group


The entrance of The Village opens into a cascading interior landscape of dining, performance, lounging, and socializing. The mass timber structure provides a warm and acoustically comfortable environment as light filters in between the photovoltaic roof panels—features that help to meet the university’s larger sustainability goals.


校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿


“最偉大的想法和突破,往往產生於課桌之外的地方,因為頭腦處在暢想和放鬆的狀態,更能與其他人碰撞出火花。新的霍普金斯學生中心,設計上旨在製造一種必要的‘偏離’,為嚴肅的學術生活提供平衡補充,為下一代的科學家們解鎖下一個偉大發現提供孕育之地。”——Leon Rost,BIG合夥人

“Often the greatest ideas and breakthroughs occur away from the desk, when minds have a chance to wander, to play, to riff with others. The new Hopkins Student Center is designed to provoke the sometimes-necessary distractions that complement rigorous academic life – a place for a future generation of Salks, Curies, and Cricks to unlock their next great discovery.” — Leon Rost, Partner, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group


An indoor landscape—as vast as the Beach next door—is comprised of a cluster of flexible spaces, which open out on to four rejuvenated public spaces: an events-focused commons, the shaded paths of the Grove, an entry plaza at 33rd street, and a new food market and plaza to the south. The signature red brick paths of Homewood campus seamlessly flow through the building.


校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿



The Village transforms the landscape around the building to create outdoor spaces for student activities and events. A central plaza can host pop-up exhibits or performances, as well as vendors and food trucks to enliven the North Charles Street corridor. The open design allows light to enter the clerestory windows and leaves all student activities and school spirit on display. The Village becomes an ever-changing mosaic of the Johns Hopkins Community, and a village greater than the sum of its parts. The new Hopkins Student Center is set to begin construction in Spring 2022 and to be completed by Fall 2024. This is BIG’s third academic building in the United States, following the Isenberg School of Management Business Innovation Hub for the University of Massachusetts Amherst and The Heights Building for Arlington Public Schools, both completed in 2019.


校園活動中心設計,大學活動中心設計,國外校園活動中心,霍普金斯大學中心,霍普金斯大學學生中心,約翰斯·霍普金斯大學學生中心設計方案,BIG,BIG–BJARKE INGELS GROUP,BIG建築事務所,項目投稿



項目麵積:13,935 m2
合作夥伴:Shepley Bulfinch(建築設計),Rockwell Group(室內設計),Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates(景觀設計)
主創團隊: Bjarke Ingels, Leon Rost
聯合主創: Elizabeth McDonald
責任建築師: Jason Wu, Lawrence Olivier Mahadoo
設計團隊: Alex Wu, Xi Zhang, Chia-Yu Liu, Guillaume Evain, Jakub Kulisa, Kig Veerasunthorn, Mike Munoz, Tom Lasbrey, Tony Saba Shiber, Blake Smith, Corliss Ng, Florencia Kratsman, Francesca Portesine, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Gabriel Jewell-Vitale, Kevin Pham, Josiah Poland, Jialin Yuan, Ken Chongsuwat, Duncan Horswill, Ben Caldwell, Margaret Tyrpa, Terrence Chew, Tracy Sodder, Chris Pin, Alexander Matthias Jacobson, Tore Banke, Frederic Lucien Engasser, Xingyue Huang, Jesper Petersen, Kaoan Hengles



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